Super Grill

The full size barbeque is great for large-scale picnics and cookouts. The Super Grill easily barbecues four chickens, eight steaks or twenty hamburgers at a time. Skillets, pots, and kettles can also be used on the grill while cooking. Use your favorite wood or charcoal to give the meal that great outdoor barbecue flavor.

The Super Grill Firepit can be purchased as a complete unit, or you can purchase the Super Grill Kit to add to your current 30" Tahoe Firepit.

The Super Grill Kit easily assembles in minutes without the use of special tools, aside from an allen wrench (which we supply). Four thumbscrews securely hold the grill in place so removing the grill and putting it back on is a snap. The cooking surface easily adjusts in 1/2-inch increments to take full advantage of the tools.